Trenchless Services

Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting is an extremely cost-effective solution for infrastructure rehabilitation. The pipe bursting process is a trenchless method of replacing or upsizing failing, outdated or undersized infrastructure. Pipe bursting replaces the existing pipe by a pneumatic hammer or static pulling head through the failing pipe. The existing pipe is then broken and displaces the surrounding soil allowing the new pipe to follow in place, all during the same process. Terra Works has the capabilities to pipe burst and replace pipe ranging in diameter from 4 inches up to 54 inches. We have the ability to accommodate runs of up to 1,000 feet or more. The benefits are minimal public disturbance, decrease restoration cost, and ability to up size pipe.

– Pipe diameter up to 54-in.

– Runs of 1,000-ft. or more can be achieved

– Manhole to manhole (sanitary or storm)

– Block to block (water main)

– Materials: Cast iron, Concrete, PVC, Truss, Corrugated pipe, D.I.P., Clay, RCP, Asbestos cement

Slip Lining

The Slip Lining process is completed by winching or pushing a new pipe through the existing pipe, grouting the annular space between the two pipes and sealing the ends. The benefits are quick installation, minimal environmental impact, cost effective and utilizes existing infrastructure.

– Pipe diameter from 2-in. up to 60-in.

– Up to 3,000-ft. in length

– Restrained joint that withstand pulling forces

– Materials: HDPE, Fused PVC, Restrained joint PVC, ductile iron, and steel


– Trenchless Excavation

– Pipe Bursting

– HDPE Pipe Fusion

– Slip Lining

– Horizontal Auger boring

– Directional Drilling

– Pneumatic and Power Mole Installations

– CCTV Inspections

– Line Locating

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